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Edit 5: LAST SLOT HAS BEEN FILLED! Thank you for your patience, guys! I am powering through the commissions I have left and once I'm done with them, and depending how fall and winter treat me I will make a new commission price list and open once again. So if you missed your chance DO NOT WORRY I will try to open again as soon as possible!

Edit 4: STILL ONE SLOT OPEN! I'm taking the summer holidays to finish all the commissions I owe and change the prices before September arrives, when I'll be MIA.

Edit 3: DINGDINGDING!!! One slot gone, just ONE left. Take it before I complete all the commissions and I push up the prices! ;)

Edit 2: Hello again! I am still working on those commissions, I haven't dropped them, but as i told you before I'm coursing my last year at animation school and getting ready for possible internships. However I really need money and I will be giving a big push to all the pieces I have pending.

After a talk with somebody in the illustration industry I realized my commission prices are way below the average, so when I'm done with what I have in my hands I will be raising the prices! HOWEVER I still have 2 slots left in the list. If somebody wants to jump in and get a commission before I change the prices THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! 

Sorry for the wait, I hope the results compensate the long delay!

Stay amazing <3

Edit: Hello there! I'm still working on the commissions, even if I have been quite silent about them. My final school year started a month ago and it's been quite crazy since then. People who have commissioned me, remember that if you want to ask me anything, you can send me an e-mail to talia.bordallo.mico(at) if that gives you any peace of mind. Hopefully I will be able to either finish the pictures I'm almost done with or continue their development in a couple of weeks.

thank you for your patience!


Hello guys!

After a while of thinking about it, I'm opening commissions and will stay open until I feel I have no more time to work on them.

I am planning a trip for late October and I'm going to need the cash, so I think it's time to move my butt and work on something for you lovely people :)

I have uploaded a guide for the kind of commissions I will do and I will keep it as my ID so people can find it quick and easy. 

Things I'm drawing: Characters and scenes, divided in the cathegories of BUSTS (portrait kind of thing), FULL or PARTIAL BODY (character standing or moving) and SCENES (two characters interacting, will require a short "bg story" for reference).

* Things I'm not drawing: Real-people portraits (only of publically known people) or guro (pornographic gore). No exceptions.

*I accept: OCs if there are pre-existing images. Porn (will discuss with client for conditions and details). Mecas (depending on complexity I might charge more).


1. Once you send me a note with the base idea and you are given a slot in the list, we will talk via e-mail, my address is talia.bordallo.mico(at)gmail(dot)com. Send your message with the subject "Commission".
2. We will discuss details and I will ask anything I consider I need for the piece, like references.
3. I will send you a few sketches until one idea is chosen (only in more complex works)
4. Once the piece is finished, I will send you a small, low-res copy, then you send the FULL payment.
5. When the money arrives, I will send you the hi-res version and post it on my gallery or blog.

Conditions: The piece is yours the moment you receive it, however you cannot use it for commercial purposes (prints to sell, mouse pads, etc.). You can do with it whatever you want, just don't sell it, please :)


1. SimonLMoore

2. kshbvaxd  (DONE)

3. Deamboatdreamer70

4. Darkplush

5. By-the-By (DONE)

6. Sammvitches

If you have any questions, please post them here or send them via note here!

Thank you for your time!
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Submitted on
April 29, 2014